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Would you like to take part in the next book of Zander the Elf?

Parents sent pictures of their children when Zander, The Sauna Elf from Finland, had his initial adventures in the very heart of Finland. The storyline of the next book is beginning to find its shape. Who are the children that will be having an adventure with him in the upcoming book?

You can quite simply just send a picture of your child/children, and your precious could be part of the next story. Would you like to send a picture of your beloved pet? Great! Just follow the instructions after clicking the link below.

Send your picture here


Zander embarked on his journey to find himself a new home. He had his adventures right in the middle of Finland when the country was celebrating its 100 years of independence. What did our Sauna Elf see during his journey? At the very least some gorgeous places and some of the cutest children! How did he find his home? You can check Santtu´s route here.

Zander the Elf is all tickly in his toes about his next adventure.  Do give us a hint on where he should go next here in Finland? There are a few set destinations already!


The first book on Zander’s first journey got published on the year when Finland turned one hundred years, and was awarded by The Finnish Prime Minister’s Office.  This book will create wonderful memories for your child to venture out with Zander the Elf in Central Finland in this particular year of celebration. Godparents and grandparents will certainly appreciate some quality time together with their godchildren and grandchildren while they will most likely enjoy this cheerful story themselves.

At the moment, the first book is only available in Finnish. Shipping outside Finland? Contact us for advice: 


4 päivää sitten


Montako astetta? 60, 70, 80 vai 100? Iiik, en osaa laskea! Mitäs teidän saunamittari näyttää? Mikä sinusta on paras saunan lämpö?
Suomen Saunatontun mittari taitaa näyttää nyt ainakin 102 astetta!
What is the temperature here in sauna?
60, 70, 80 or 100 degrees? Oooh, I can’t count! What do you think is the best temperature? And is that Celsius, Fahrenheit of Zander the Elfenheit, Saunaelf of Finlandsius!

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Iloista kansainvälistä perheiden päivää toivottaa Suomen Saunatonttu!
Happy International Family Day from the Saunaelf from Finland!
#perhe #lapsi #FamilyDay #saunatonttu #sauna #matkailu #Travel #visitfinland

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