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Would you like to take part in the next book of Santtutonttu, Zander the Elf?

Parents sent pictures of their children when Santtutonttu, Zander, The Saunaelf from Finland, had his initial adventures in the very heart of Finland. The storyline of the next book is beginning to find its shape. Who are the children that will be having an adventure with him in the upcoming book?

What place would you like to see next?

Do you know a great place that Santtutonttu should visit? Maybe you work in a place like that? Suggest an interesting place for the adventures of Santtutonttu.

Fairytale adventure in your back yard?

Looking for some way to make your customers, travelling families, enjoy their stay even more? If your business is located in Finland, please contact us and learn more!

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Travel game through Finland’s most exciting places will be under construction. Interested? Please contact us and tell us a travel site well worth elves, fairies and other mythical creatures to visit.

His name is Santtutonttu, Zander, and he is an elf. A gnelf, to be precise. That is a descendant of a gnome and an elf. He has come to the age when to look for a very own home. He is eager to tell about the great places, magical saunas and the children he wishes to encounter on his trips.

Read about Santtutonttu’s adventures, latest news and stay updated about future plans. Available only in Finnish at the moment.

The first adventure of Santtutonttu

Santtutontun matka Suomen syämessä, lastenkirja Keski-Suomesta

The journey of Zander the Elf in the heart of Finland is a beautifully illustrated hardcover for families with children. The book was part of the program of the centennial Finland and was awarded by the Prime Minister’s Office for a project well accomplished. The book is a tale of an elf that wants to see exciting places and to find himself a home of his own. During his travels, Zander meets real life children and becomes familiar with actual places of interest in Central Finland. This book is yet to be translated to any other language than Finnish.

Words from readers

“Zander the Elf has his adventures in the familiar landscape in Central Finland. In the story, children can find both familiar and new characters that are fascinating. This is a heartwarming story that will enrich one´s imagination. This tale will bring a smile on your face”
Elisa Muhonen
Mother, Kivijärvi/kuopio
“Reading to your children is valuable as it is. The story of Zander the Elf offers a lovely journey in Central Finland to all involved. Some word choices will make you chuckle, and the beautiful pictures in the book are like eye candy, and will, in turn, generate vivid discussions with the children. One learns one´s native language mainly through one´s own experiences; thus, the time spent on reading is like putting money in the bank.”
Anu Vaskonen
"The story is fluent, easy to read and creative. The thought follows imagination in the rich storyline. Story whispers words to the reader's mind."
Heikki K. Lyytinen
Nonfiction author, Jyväskylä