In this happy little Saunaelf’s books, the attractions that are involved in the making of the story, are mentioned by their real names. By immersing oneself in the story, one gets to know about these places in the comfort of one´s own home. The style in these books allows everyone to enjoy the detailed descriptions of the places. This makes it easier for families to actually go to each of the places with their offspring for they will know what to do there and act accordingly. It is even possible to spot a few familiar faces in the illustrations since parents have sent – and can continuously send – pictures of their children (and pets!) to the author before each book is published. The magic of the books lies in the diverse storyline, in  rich language with all the rhymes, and in the beautiful pastel-coloured works of art.



The journey of Zander the Elf in the heart of Finland is a beautifully illustrated hardcover for families with children. The book was part of the program of the centennial Finland and was awarded by the Prime Minister’s Office for a project well accomplished. The book is a tale of an elf that wants to see exciting places and to find himself a home of his own. During his travels, Zander meets real life children and becomes familiar with actual places of interest in Central Finland. This book is yet to be translated to any other language than Finnish.



The second book is all about sauna, and intended to give joy and advice for the whole family.  Zander reveals the ancient magic of sauna by visiting the most magical ones. These saunas will surely interest both children and parents. What is the secret made of? Where and how can one find it? This book is being written at this very moment and the author needs just a few more travel sites with saunas to complete the story. Do you know any Finnish saunas filled with magic? Please let us know:

This book wants to get translated into all the languages that feels necessary to the attractions and saunas in the story. Publisihing e-books feels relevant, too.


Santtu-tontun matka Suomen sydämessä – Lastenkirja Keski-Suomesta
ISBN: 978-952-93-9435-7
Hardcover, yarn bound and laminated, 80 pages.

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One day the little gnelf gazed at his skis and started humming,

If I grabbed my skis
and ventured out,
taking the last look at home,
where would my skis be taking me,
anywhere I suppose?

I shall make up my mind,
I will be on my way NOW,
towards my new home,
I will go about.

…What if I just grabbed these skies and would not stop at all? I shall take enough provisions along, hop on the skies and just keep going, popped out from Zander´s mouth before he knew it. He stared at his skies his mouth wide open. That is it!, he remarked and lightly touched his ski poles.

The mere idea sounded crazy at first. Shouldn´t the forest folk remain at home and only do the things that they had always done before? On the other hand, Mum and Dad had also ventured out to the big wide world. At what point do elves in general start looking for a place of their own? Should I be on my way now?

An excerpt from The Travels of Zander the Elf in the Heart of Finland
(Only available in Finnish at this point.)

Translation: Merjo Hakkarainen


´Zander the Elf has his adventures in the familiar landscape in Central Finland. In the story, children can find both familiar and new characters that are fascinating. This is a heartwarming story that will enrich one´s imagination. This tale will bring a smile on your face.´

Elisa Muhonen, a mother of a three, Kivijärvi / Kuopio.


´Reading to your children is valuable as it is. The story of Zander the Elf offers a lovely journey in Central Finland to all involved. Some word choices will make you chuckle, and the beautiful pictures in the book are like eye candy, and will, in turn, generate vivid discussions with the children. One learns one´s native language mainly through one´s own experiences; thus, the time spent on reading is like putting money in the bank.´

Anu Vaskonen, teacher of Finnish and literature, Muurame Upper Secondary School