Join the story

What do you think would be the best way to tell families with children what your business has to offer and what can be done there? Make magic happen by diving into the world of fairytales!

Zander the Elf is a happy and curious elf who likes to travel around Finland, an elf who always seems to have something exciting going on. The little gnelf loves everything that is new, everything that he can become more familiar with, just like a child would. After all, it will be easier to go to the actual place with the children if they have heard of it in their bedtime story of while travelling.

On top of all this, parents can send pictures of their children to make them be part of the storyline –even with pictures of their faces and real names in the story. When children are being read to, they will be happy to find themselves in the actual story having an adventure with Zander and his friends. The funny puns and nursery rhymes will make anyone feel good about themselves.

In your businesses, it would be great to find characters of the book in postcards and colouring/activity books. How about adding surprises to the menu, something that was mentioned in the book? It is all about imagination –and there is plenty of it!  What will be Zander´s story in finding his way to your business?


Fairytale adventure in your back yard?

Fairytale Adventures of Zander the ElfLooking for some way to make your customers, travelling families, enjoy their stay even more? We can come to your aid an entertain families with magic tricks, dances, rhymes, and some jabbledabble-walk. Akusti the clown, Sunshine fairy and Zander the Elf take families with children to a nice adventure, where they can join in – or just watch. See what the hippetypop will happen when Akusti’s magic tricks go a little winketywonk.

If your business is located in Finland, please contact us and learn more!

The Game on Zander the Elf

Travel game through Finland’s most exciting places will be under construction this summer. First there will be a demo on one to three businesses. After that, there’s room for many more. Interested? Please contact us and tell us a travel site well worth elves, fairies and other mythical creatures to visit.